Hot Water and Soft Washing Techniques Can Benefit Your Parking Garage

A clean parking garage makes a good first impression on customers and guests. With age, however, the parking garage becomes dingy, oil-stained and littered with gum and other hard to remove stains. Oil also poses the threat of becoming extremely slippery when mixed with water that always comes with rain and melting snow.

Oil and water create hazardous conditions in parking garages, especially for cars traveling down the ramps. There is also the hazard for pedestrians walking to and from their cars. A slip and a fall on concrete can be devastating to a person and possibly lead to some expensive litigation.

Keeping a clean garage not only looks good for the business that owns it, but it is also much safer to drive and walk on. Customers really do take notice of these details and appreciate a good clean surface to walk and drive on.

Anchor Pressure Washing offers a cleaning service for the concrete surfaces of parking garages. Their team of professionals can clean an area thoroughly without leaving wand marks or swirls on the surface. Their soft wash method can be used to clean an area that may be easily damaged with pressure.

Anchor Pressure Washing has been in the business since 1996. They’ve taken on some of the toughest assignments and left their customers with surfaces that looked like new. Their techniques will work for your surfaces also, no matter how thick the build-up. Give them a call for a free estimate.

Written by Cliff Hatcher