Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Pressure Washing

Most tennis courts are made of asphalt with a painted acrylic coating on top.

Mold and mildew tend to build up especially in the corners and where trees overhang. To properly clean this surface, and not damage it, requires the right equipment, chemicals, and expertise.

Cleaning and Resurfacing

Did you know?

It is recommend to professionally clean tennis courts at least once a year and resurfacing them every 5- 8 years.

Mold & algae can damage any surface and the same is true for your tennis court. If left unkept mold and algae will “eat away” at the finish on your tennis court if it is allowed to sit on the acrylic coating. This can significantly reduce the life of your property's tennis court.

Pressure Washing is all about keeping you property looking like new and to protect your precious assests!!


Here are some Anchor Pressure Washing tennis court results: