A Clean Parking Area Provides A Great First Impression

Clients are inclined to make assumptions about the success of a business based on first impressions. Just as businesses rely on strong contact with clients over the phone, they should also rely on the first things customers will see. The senses are the only thing a client has to initially determine if he or she should conduct business with you. Make sure the entire experience is a pleasant one by making sure the parking lot is clean.

A parking lot gathers trash quickly as passersby and clientele do not want to search for a proper receptacle to place it in. Pot holes and loose pavement give the entire business a rundown appearance. Overflowing trash receptacles and ashtrays are an eyesore that could chase business away. Rancid odors from nearby dumpsters are a surefire way to send clients running for the hills. That is why it is important to make sure the parking lot is as clean as the office areas are kept. Pressure washing the building and parking lot will giveCleaning Up Your Business! it an even cleaner appearance. Anchor Pressure washing will help make old surfaces look brand new.

The first visual that a client sees about a business can make or break the business connection. Keep the parking lot in good repair. Have trash receptacles checked every hour to assure there is no overflow of cigarette butts and/or trash. Every step a business takes towards keeping the parking lot area clean is a step towards strong repeat business. If the parking lot screams trashy when a client drives in, it will not matter how classy the inside is.

Written by Cliff Hatcher